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The Webman brothers grew up in Southern California and developed a passion for storytelling after being prematurely exposed to BBC's Pride and Prejudice, overexposed to Disney movies, and properly exposed to musicals.


Since 2011, they have worked with a myriad of talented, skilled, and hardworking filmmakers on a variety of productions and won various international awards and critical acclaim for their work. Their two feature films, Patchwork and Blowing Up Right Now, are available to stream online.

Aaron Webman, Creative Director

Aaron's eclectic set of interests and skills has opened the door to eclectic professional experiences. He has directed, written, and produced various documentaries, short films, web series, and commercials, written and performed folk music in the Los Angeles area, practices law, and speaks fluent Spanish.


Ethan Webman, Producer

Ethan earned a degree in Entertainment Business at New York University, and has worked within the Hollywoo system as an Executive Assistant to showrunners and managers. He has produced several shorts, commercials, webseries, and two features. His versatility and unyielding positive energy has been credited for keeping many a set afloat. 



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